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5 tips to take the perfect picture

Doubting what you can do to take better pictures? With these 5 photo tips you are quickly on your way and ready to set up your photo game right away!

1) Take pictures at eye level

Direct eye contact can be just as engaging in an image as in real life. When taking a picture of someone, you should keep the camera at the person's eye level to really take advantage of this tip. For children, this means, for example, bending to their level. This is not to say that your subject should always look into the camera - just make sure you are at the same eye level.

2) Move the subject away from the center
At the center of it all, it's cool for an artist to be. For your motive, this is something you will try to avoid! Bring your image to life by simply moving your subject away from the center of your image. Instead, imagine that your image is divided into 9 squares - and then try to place your subject on the lines between the squares instead of inside the squares. Wupti… and suddenly your image comes to life.

3) Move close
As a rule of thumb, if your subject is smaller than a car, then take a step or two closer before taking the picture and zooming in on your subject. Your goal is to fill in the image area with the subject you are photographing. By taking close-up photos, you can reveal narrative details, such as charming freckles or a curved eyebrow. But don't get too close to blurring your images - it's a fine balance!

4) Use Blitz outside
Too much sunlight can create unwanted, deep facial shadows. Remove shadows by using flash to brighten the face. So when you take pictures of people on sunny days, you can get much sharper pictures by taking advantage of this tip!

5) Last but not least, THE LIGHT
In addition to the subject, light is the most important part of any image. The light affects the appearance of everything you photograph. While it is most optimal to take pictures in daylight and sunshine, this is not always possible. A modern solution here is to use a Ring Light to instantly improve the quality of your photos. At Selfietime, we have tested over 50 Ring Lights from around the world, and now only sell Ring Lights of the highest quality - whether you are completely new to the photo game or professional. Check them out in our shop!