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3 reasons why the quality of your Ring Light means everything

There are many different Ring Lights on the market today, so why not just buy the cheapest? While it may seem tempting to settle for the cheapest solution, there are 3 important reasons why it may be a bad idea. 

1) The power of light

Anyone interested in a Ring Light knows that light is the most crucial factor in the quality of your image - surpassed only by the subject. Therefore, it is also essential to pay attention to the quality of the light itself in the Ring Light you buy. At Selfietime, we only sell Ring Lights of the highest quality - which is why light is the most important factor we look at when we test our Ring Lights prior to their introduction to the shop. 

2) Product life 
In our work to test over 50 different Ring Lights from around the world, we found to our great surprise that there are marked differences in the life of the products. While many discount Ring Lights have a lifespan of as little as a few months, with a Selfietime Ring Light you can enjoy it for many months to come.
3) Your safety
It is no secret that the majority of all Ring Lights are manufactured in China. Therefore, it is also incredibly important that your Ring Light has the right safety approvals so that you can sleep safely at night with your Ring Light in the same room. At Selftietime, all our products are CE marked, so they live up to the strictest product standards in Europe. 

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